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Please also note that the "Contact Us" e-mail address, shown here is no longer available.

SITE LAST UPDATED ON: Saturday, 10/01/2015 @ 4:35 pm local time.

RV63 - Out 145.7875 MHz - In 145.1875 MHz - 103.5 Hz ctcss (G).

GB3JB is funded solely by donations from its' users and supporters. There is no club or group to join and no annual membership fee. We rely totally on your good will.

The system is located in South Wiltshire, in IO81vc, and provides coverage across South Wiltshire, South Somerset and North Dorset, with specific areas such as the City of Salisbury, Salisbury Plain, the Blackmore Vale and Cranborne Chase being well within its range. Coverage also extends, for fixed stations, across most of central and parts of North Wiltshire, Southern Dorset and West Hampshire, plus parts of North and West Somerset. See coverage map.

GB3JB is an analogue voice repeater, with no internet linking, simple intuitive logic and no bells or whistles. The beacon sends callsign and locator. The invitation to transmit is a single dit.

To access the repeater, users must continually transmit a 103.5 Hz ctcss tone. There is NO 1750 hz tone burst capability.

The system timeout has been reduced to 3 minutes, so please set your rigs' TOT accordingly.

The simple rules for using GB3JB ....

(1) GB3JB is available for ALL Licensed Radio Amateurs to use, be they 'newly licensed' or an 'old timer'.

(2) All users of GB3JB are expected to operate their station within the terms of their specific licence conditions and restrictions.

(3) When in QSO, please wait for the invitation to transmit (a single dit), and always leave a pause between overs' - always give others a chance to call-in.

(4) Please use good operating practices and procedures. Mobiles have priority. Remember, if a station calls in, during the gap between overs', always acknowledge them and please DON'T leave them sitting on the side, while everyone else has an over.

(5) Only use the minimum power necessary - remember there are other repeaters on the same channel. The repeater only transmits with 25 watts ERP, so if its' 5/9 with you, you don't need to use 50 watts to a high gain vertical, when 5 or 10 watts will do. If you use 25 watts ERP, then the signals strengths should be reasonably reciprocal.

(6) If, under lift conditions, you wish to use another repeater on RV63, please turn off the 103.5 Hz ctcss tone, otherwise you will still access GB3JB.

(7) Remember that you are Radio Amateurs, using an Amateur Radio facility, so please use the appropriate operating practices and procedures.

Since you have taken the trouble to get an Amateur Licence, surely it's not to much to expect of you, that you use Amateur Radio abbreviation and accepted terminology, such as the Q-codes. We do not have a '20', we have a 'location' or 'QTH'. We do not have a 'personal', we have a 'name', etc., etc., If you still use CB, that's fine, no problem, BUT please leave the CB lingo for CB, and not when you use GB3JB or any other Amateur Radio facility or the Amateur bands.

and finally .....

(8) Ignore any idots - If you don't hear a callsign, do NOT respond - EVER !

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Hi All.

There is a NEW "JBweb site.

It combines data from this and the previous GB7JB web site, plus additional information and resources.

On the NEW site you will find all the relevant information relating to "JB" Repeaters, as well as other repeaters and beacons that are installed at the "JB" site.

The new site also includes information relating to the 70cm SW Cluster and DMR technology.

This site, along with the original GB7JB site will continue to run in parallel for the next couple of weeks, so as to give individuals time to make the change to their links / favourites etc.

A further very significant change is the closure of the original e-mail contact addresses: gb3jb.repeater@gmail.comand gb7jb.dmr.repeater@gmail.com.

These addresses have been closed for the purposes of communication, as a result of the significant amount of SPAM mail that has started to arrive, over the last couple of months.

Any communications sent to either of the above address, will be automatically deleted by the e-mail server, upon arrival.

These original e-mail addresses are now only valid for the purpose of making donations, to the relevant repeaters PayPal account.

You will note that there is now a "Contact Us" page, associated with the NEW web sites Navigation. This page contains a Form, for communicating with either myself or the Treasurer.

"Blanket" update e-mails will still be sent out, as previously, but unless specifically specified, they will be from a "NOREPLY" e-mail address, but will include a link to the "Contact Us" form.

Any communications sent to the "NOREPLY" address, will also be automatically deleted by the e-mail server, upon arrival.

This change may be inconvenient to some, but not as inconvenient has having to filter all the JUNK that has started to appear in the repeater in boxes.

Please feel free to make any constructive comments via the "Contact Us" form.

Please only use the NEW web site, from now onward.

Cheers & 73's
Dave, G3ZXX.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

GB3JB / Site Update

Hi All,

I went up to the site yesterday, 26th December 2014 at about 1 pm, to check on things.

The batteries are holding up very well, sitting at 26.1 volts, dropping to 25.8 volts, on TX load.

Even with the very overcast sky, mist and and rain that was falling at the time, there was a steady trickle charge of 0.4A going into the batteries.

The new concrete floor has been laid, and very nice it looks to.  There is now a complete seal all the way around the walls of the barn.  I understand that the new front fascia and doors, will be going on the barn, in the next few weeks.

So it looks as though all the additional security measures will have been completed in plenty of time for the arrival of GB7JB and the 23cm beacon.

It should be very smart and even more secure than it is already, when finally finished.

The CCTV equipment that I installed, both inside and outside of the barn, is also working well. With good video and still images being produced in both normal daylight and infra-red, at night.

Some time in the next couple of weeks, the repeater will be going off air for a few hours, when we change the antenna over, and also install the antennas for GB7JB and the 23cm beacon.

No date has been set yet.  I will advise as soon as it is known. Although it could be at somewhat short notice.

Hopefully, you have all recoverd from the excesses or complete lethargy induced over the last couple of days, and are now preparing for the New Year, with at least some degree of enthusiasm.

Although the Chinese New Year does not come in until the 19th February, and 2015 is the year of the sheep, I do hope that we will not have too many 'bleating' problems with the new systems that will be going in around the end of that month ... hi hi.

Cheers & 73's
Dave, G3ZXX.